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Mon-Thu:  4pm – 12am
Fri-Sat:  4pm – 1am

8 S. San Marcos Pl. Suite 106
Chandler, AZ 85225

an expression of our vision for modern spirits.

We started distilling and aging our spirits in hand-select oak barrels in 2015 with a mission to create 21st century flavors and give distilling a much-needed shot in the arm. Spirit House provides a venue to release our spirits and deliver an experience for the community centered around the enjoyment and education of the future of spirits in an unpretentious place.

old + new fashioneds

Single Malt Old Fashioned
Single Malt •White Sugar • Wood ‘N Nuts Bitters

Bourbon Old Fashioned
Bourbon • Sugar Cube • Orange Bitters

Rye Old Fashioned
Rye • Brown Sugar Cube • Old Fashioned Bitters

Agave Old Fashioned
Rye • Agave Simple Syrup • Toasted Coconut Bitters

The Commonwealth
Single Malt • Maple Simple Syrup • Coco Loco Bitters

Field of Dreams
Wheated Whiskey • Brown Sugar • Sweet Cherry Bitters

“The” Old Fashioned
Cask Strength Single Malt • Orange Bliss

Butcher Berry 
Bottled in Bond Rye • Blueberry Simple • Blueberry Bitters


Classic Mule
Vodka • Muddled Mint • Lime • Ginger Beer

Cucumber Mule
Limeleaf Vodka • Cucumber + Mint • Ginger Beer

Georgia Peach Mule 
Peach Bourbon • Peach Syrup • Lemon • Ginger Beer

Cranberry Rose
Citrus Rose • Cranberry • Ginger Beer


Vodka Soda, Splash Of Cran
Vodka • Seltzer • Splash of Cranberry • Orange Bitters

Cherry Lime
Limeleaf Vodka • Sprite • Cherry Bitters

Gin + Tonic
Butterfly Pea Infused Gin • Tonic • Old Fashioned Bitters

Rye Ball
Rye • Seltzer • Old Fashioned Bitters

Whiskey Ginger
Single Malt • Ginger Ale • Orange Bitters

Ramble on Rose 
Citrus Rose Gin • Tonic • Hibiscus Bitters

Cherry Coke
Bourbon • Coke Or Diet • Cherry Bitters


Caramellow Whiskey Soda
Caramellow Whiskey • Soda • Wood ‘n Nuts Bitters

classics + riffs

Cocktail Of The Week
Ask Your Bartender

Rye • Sweet Vermouth • Sweet Cherry Bitters

Black Manhattan
Rye • Amaro • Wood ‘N Nuts Bitters

Rye • Peychaud’s • Absinthe

Pink Lady
Citrus Rose Gin • Orange Bliss • Egg White Sour*

Whiskey Sour
Bourbon • Egg White Sour* • Red Wine

French 75
Citrus Rose Gin • Lemon • Prosecco

Bees Knees
Kashmir Spice • Lemon • Honey

Killer Bee
Bourbon • Lemon • Honey • Ginger Beer

Last Year’s Cosmo
Vodka • Cranberry • Orange Bliss

Espresso Martini
Vodka • Black Stills • Espresso

CaraMellow Dream
CaraMellow • Chocolate • Cherry Liquor

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