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Mon-Thu:  4pm – 12am
Fri-Sat:  4pm – 1am

8 S. San Marcos Pl. Suite 106
Chandler, AZ 85225


an expression of our vision for modern spirits.

We started distilling and aging our spirits in hand-select oak barrels in 2015 with a mission to create 21st century flavors and give distilling a much-needed shot in the arm. Spirit House provides a venue to release our spirits and deliver an experience for the community centered around the enjoyment and education of the future of spirits in an unpretentious place.

everything old is new again

old fashioneds

The Commonwealth
Single Malt | Maple Simple Syrup | Toasted Coconut Bitters

Cherry Old Fashioned
Bourbon | Cherry Simple Syrup | Figgy Pudding Bitters

Bourbon Old Fashioned
Bourbon | Sugar Cube | Aromatic Bitters

Rye Old Fashioned
Rye | Brown Sugar Cube | Aromatic bitters

Espresso Old Fashioned
Single Malt | Espresso Simple Syrup | Espresso Bitters

Agave Old Fashioned
Rye | Agave Simple Syrup | Brown Sugar Cube | Toasted Coconut Bitters


Vodka Soda, Splash Of Cran
Vodka | Seltzer | Splash Of Cranberry | Orange Bitters

Cherry Lime
Limeleaf Vodka | Sprite | Cherry Bitters

Gin + Tonic
London Dry Gin | Tonic | Lemon Lime Bitters

Rye Ball
Rye | Seltzer | Lemon Lime Bitters

Whiskey Ginger
Single Malt | Ginger Ale | Orange Bitters

Ramble On Rose
Citrus Rose Gin | Seltzer | Hibiscus Bitters

Gin ‘n Juice
Kashmir Spice Gin | Orange Juice | Blueberry Bitters

Cherry Coke
Bourbon | Coke Or Diet | Cherry Bitters

classic recipes, new flavors

cocktail classics

Cocktail of the Week
Ask Your Server

Rye | Sweet Vermouth | Bitters

Rye | Peychaud’s | Absinthe

Pink Lady
Citrus Rose Gin | Apple | Egg White Sour

Whiskey Sour 
Bourbon | Egg White Sour | Red Wine

Bourbon | Bruto Americano |
Sweet Vermouth

Blood & Sand
Single Malt | Sweet Cherry | Smoke

Gin | Bruto Americano | Sweet Vermouth

French 75
Citrus Rose Gin | Lemon | Prosecco

Bourbon Bellini
Bourbon Peach Puree | Prosecco

Last Word
LimeLeaf Vodka | Chartreuse | Cherry

Bees Knees
London Dry Gin | Lemon | Honey

Single Malt | Vanilla Bourbon Creme | Egg | Nut Liquor

Killer Bee 
Bourbon | Lemon | Honey | Ginger Beer

fresh. local. delicious. 

handcrafted food

bruschettas + boards

Meat + Cheese Bread-Board
Serves Two – Made with Noble Bread

Classic Bruschetta
Extra-virgin Olive Oil | Thinly Sliced Garlic | Diced Tomatoes | Fresh Basil | Balsamic Vinegar

Mushroom + Brussels Bruschetta
Red Wine Truffle Mushrooms | Brussel Sprouts | Smoked Mozzarella

Fig & Apple Bruschetta
Artisan Sourdough | Whipped Brie | Orange Fig Chutney | Smoked Bacon | Sliced Apple |
Balsamic Reduction

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